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Consulting Services For more than 25 years, Ground Water Science has been the region’s trusted, flexible and innovative provider of hydrogeologic and ground water system solutions. At water industry meetings, if someone else speaks on a ground water topic, they turn to us to see what we think. Combining advanced academic credentials with real-world experience, we solve complex challenges faced by corporations, public agencies, municipalities, and others. Through our hands-on management and strict adherence to the highest standards of integrity, we integrate people, science, tools, and processes to most effectively support our clients to achieve their goals in the delivery of safe and reliable water supplies.
Analytical Services for Clogging and Corrosion In partnership with a highly reputable licensed regional laboratory, we offer investigative and diagnostic analyses for biofouling, clogging, and corrosion troubleshooting to clients throughout North America (including Mexico and the Caribbean). These are in-depth quality analyses, offered with interpretation, to help get your system on the path to recovery. While not just any laboratory will conduct these analyses specific to clogging and corrosion, and few are willing or able to explain the results, we provide comprehensive laboratory analysis and thorough interpretation with a level of service and expertise that can only be provided by Ground Water Science.
Professional Seminars At Ground Water Science, we believe that a well-informed client is an ideal client.  The more you know about your source water infrastructure, the less likely it is that you will be harmed by a poor decision or mismanaged project, and the easier it will be for us to communicate clearly as we work together to address your ground water system issues. So to enhance your own understanding of ground water and source water infrastructure systems, Ground Water Science offers regularly scheduled professional seminars on a range of topics, mostly relating to ground water and water well systems and issues.  These seminars are held at varying locations throughout the year.
Publications and Manuals Ground Water Science is proud to offer a variety of publications and manuals through which we can continue to share our extensive knowledge of ground water systems and water well system design and management. Whether or not you are able to work with us as consultants or to attend one of our professional seminars, you deserve to add these comprehensive texts to your library today!  

Solutions and Expertise for Ground Water, Wells, and Water Supply

Ground Water Science is a professional consulting firm that is focused on the science and technique of ground water and how to keep it flowing.  We have been step drawdown testproviding scientific and training services in hydrogeology, well & drain technology, maintenance, and rehabilitation since 1986 (initially as S.A. Smith Consulting Services).  Our command of rock and glacial hydrogeology is second to none regionally.  And our expertise in ground water system biofouling, maintenance, and rehabilitation is recognized and in-demand across North America and beyond, including some very large ground water projects.  (Learn more about some of our representative clientsand projects - the ones we can discuss - here.)

Our partners, Stuart A. Smith and Allen E. Comeskey, are certified and licensed geologists and ground water professionals with advanced degrees and over 30 years each of diverse, high-quality, hands-on professional experience.  We offer an integrated understanding of hydrogeologic, biogeochemical, and well performance issues.  And we have contributed to several landmark publications pertaining to drilling, well construction, biofouling analysis, and well rehabilitation.

Ground Water Science is a small firm by design.  Our managing principals work directly (not filtered through field staff) with each of our clients, large or small.  Our veterans are not kept in captivity, nor put out to pasture by the new wave HR hobbling our corporate colleagues, but are free to escape the office and take our expertise to the job site, regionally or worldwide, working hands-on with our colleagues in well construction, service, engineering, and water operations.geologist and clients at a well site

Our work integrates a wide range of relevant disciplines to most effectively support our customers and their communities.  We strive to consistently deliver superior customer service by insisting that things are done the right way, by serving as advocates for our clients, and by valuing and maintaining our integrity in everything that we do.  We work throughout North America and beyond, so if you think that we can help you, then please contact us.

More than being merely a sales tool, this site also includes technical resources and links to many more.  And we provide training and a growing list of publications to improve your understanding of ground water and wells - which will make you a better client and well operator.  So take a look around, and let's keep that water moving!


What kind of work do we do? Here is an example:

C.C.A. Limited, Carenage, Canouan, St. Vincent and the Grenadines - Analysis of biofouling & corrosion

Conduct analysis of biofouling, corrosion rates, potential causes and recommendations for resort sea water and ground water treatment plants and distribution systems.

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Measure the flow rate and water levels in your wells regularly. Measure and record both the static (“off”) water level and a stable pumping water level. Conducting regular well tests (measuring flow and drawdown) and documenting the results will help to show trends in performance.

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