Wednesday, July 01, 2015
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What kind of work do we do? Here is an example:

Earth Tech (MA and NY offices), Hudson River Valley, NY - Review of clogging potentials and development of O&M plans and procedures for a new wellfield facility

Earth Tech developed a new and innovative wellfield facility for the Town of Bethlehem, NY. The aquifer is shallow and wide, and the wellfield includes angled wells under the Hudson River. Water quality is highly prone to clogging. A detailed O&M plan was developed to aid in extending well life. Ground Water Science evaluated water quality and developed the well maintenance aspects of the plan.

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Appalachian Plateau Office
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Free Tip of the Day

You can you tell that a well is “clean” when: 1. Sediment removed by the cleaning process declines to zero (this may take a number of passes).  2. Bacteria counts after cleaning are lower.  3. The specific capacity (yield per unit drawdown) usually increases.

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